Monday, September 2, 2019

And the seasons, they go round and round

   I love Labor Day. 
   Labor Day means that Summer is almost over and that Fall, my favorite time of year, is coming.  It means that, although it can get pretty hot here in September and even early October – indeed, after a surprisingly  mild August, we are having a bit of a heat wave, with daytime temperatures in the high 90’s and low 100’s and nights with me naked with no sheet under the ceiling fan - cooler weather is on the way.  Labor Day means that everyone is going back to school or back to work and that everything will go back to normal.  Although Summer here in Claremont isn’t nearly as dead as it used to be, Labor Day means that there will soon be an array of concerts, talks and other presentations at the colleges here in town. 
   I am more and more aware that Labor Day and everything else comes at just the right time.  There is, I have come to see, reason for the seasons. 
   It is said that that there aren’t really seasons here in Southern California, and I like to say that there are two seasons here – Summer and a mild Winter – although Fall in Claremont, with all its trees, is really lovely.  Even so, I’m thankful when it finally cools off in October and November.  And, although I don’t like the summer heat here, I’m ready for it to get warmer come March and April (especially now with my neuropathy and although it’s now difficult to put on my overalls and therefore less likely for me to enjoy going shirtless in them, as I used to and miss doing).
   Yes, I’m now looking forward to all that will be going on at the colleges.  But after the flurry of Spring concerts and performances and after the graduations in May, I’m ready for a break (although, as I said, Claremont has gotten more lively in the Summer, especially with live music).
   The same can be seen, in miniature, with the Winter holidays.  Let’s put aside my ambivalent feelings about Christmas for a minute.  Although I don’t like decorations appearing earlier and earlier, I am ready for the holidays – especially the lights and music – come early December.  And, although it makes me oddly sad (see my mixed feelings mentioned above), I am ready, and it makes sense, to take down the decorations and have the holidays end in early January.