Friday, April 17, 2009

Getting on the bus - not!

The other day, I missed the bus - again.
There must be some sort of rule. Call it Pixley’s Law: If I’m at the bus stop on time, the bus is late. If I’m late, even a few seconds late, the bus is always right on time. Always!
It gets stranger. I once applied for a para-transit program. This is one of those deals where a wheelchair-accessible private taxi picks you up and takes you anywhere in the county - and this is a big county - for like a dollar. They denied me, saying I’m and too independent, not disabled enough - because I take the bus.
And stranger still. I was once waiting at a bus stop in Los Angeles - yes, I have balls! When the bus pulled up and the driver saw that I wanted on, she literally began jumping up and down in her seat in frustration and despair. It was a scene right out of my play, Jury by Trial - after I had written it.
So much for "Welcome Aboard!"

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  1. Hello, My name is Mark and I come by way of Peterson Toscanos blog. I really like your blog and this post I can relate too. I was diagnosed with a bone disease a few years back and I am now registered disabled and public transport and I have had our problems too. The buses over here in the UK are meant to lower down when they stop to let people on but they never do when they see me and my partner goes mad at the driver. So I agree so much for 'welcome aboard'! Hope you don't mind if I pop back to read more and if it would be ok to add you to my blog roll ? Have a great day :-)