Friday, July 17, 2009

Lives on hold

I contacted my case worker. I had to. I had seen a report on the News Hour on PBS the evening before about people getting IOU’s from the state of California. One of them was a developmentally disabled man who has to pay the people who come every few days to help him with things around the house.
I couldn’t stand it. I had to know if I’d be getting a check, and not an IOU, on Saturday, so that I can pay my attendants who I rely on to come every few hours to assist me each day.
After all, I had an attendant literally walk out on me several years ago when a check was a couple days late. Not to mention that I hate owing anyone anything.
I was assured that I will be receiving a check, not an IOU. Good, but what about that guy and all the other people on the News Hour?
It is terribly wrong that I (not to mention that guy) should worry about being able to pay for the have I must have to survive. Yes, a judge did rule years ago that the state must provide cash for attendant care, but everything seems to be breaking down and going out the window in this state budget crisis.
What is even more wrong is that, the nation-wide News Hour report notwithstanding, I have seen very few stories in the newspaper about what’s going on in Sacramento concerning the budget. There have been days in a row without a report that I’ve seen. Last Saturday, there was a story about how it was business as usual in Sacramento, with lawmakers talking about other things, not the budget. Earlier this week, there was a small item - on page 9 - saying that legislators were almost at a deal, and then I saw no news for two days.
With the state doling out millions of dollars in IOU’s, and with me stressed out over whether I’ll be able to pay my attendants, shouldn’t this be front-page headline news everyday?
Meanwhile, there was a report about a week ago on the Episcopalians’ triannual meeting this week in Anaheim, saying that the thorny issues of gay bishops and gay marriage would come up, with some advocating that more time and study is needed. Then, two days ago, there was a front-page story saying that the conclave has okayed gay bishops and that same-sex marriage may well be approved before the meeting ends this weekend.
Talk about action - needed action - being taken!

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  1. This is scary. Cutting funding in such a cut-throat manner. How about legalizing marijuana so our State can get out of debt!