Friday, August 21, 2009

Tuned out

A few days ago, I went to Best Buy and Target to see how much a new television would cost. The digital converter box on mine - yes, I did get it hooked up - is driving me crazy. It is difficult for me to turn it on and change the channels with the remote control, and it severely restricts my taping capabilities. For example, if I’m out for the evening, I can’t tape programs on more than one channel. And too bad if I’m out for longer than the box can stay on.
So I’d like a new digital T.V - no box. But, as I discovered, all televisions are now flatscreen. A new, free-standing T.V can’t be bought. Not only that, but the flatscreens, as terrific as they look, are terrifically expensive, with most over $500 and many, at least at Best Buy, over $1,000.
Meaning that a new T.V is now a luxury.
This leaves me - not to mention others on low or fixed incomes - out of the picture. I might have to get by with the clunky converter box and barely being able to use my V.C.R.
Oh well, I guess if it’s good ‘nuf fer gubbermint, it’s good enough for me.

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  1. I volunteer at American Recovery off and on, and have returned after a two week off schedule, only to find the T.V. which was giving the clients more than enough hassle with antenna and VCR frustrations, had a big screen to my surprise.
    After seeing the new era of television plasma screens, my only thought was to the waste of energy they put out as there is not an option.
    My thought is the new screens would be, more or less a pain to install in my small quarters of a trailer. The other problem is the lack of conservation of resources, as I recall when Carter was in between the throws of government bickering, he had a ecological awareness we all seem to forget with Reagan and Bushs'lack of conserving water, gas, and as a gesture of lacking pennies of all things.
    We soon forget the waste of energy and water, with our computers and unrecyclables sitting in dumps, buried to the gills.
    Well, this only shows the mindset has not changed with the new administration. Go figure we still have a war, and we still have a stalemate of Health Reform ever since Clinton had his first non scandelous year offering discussion with a think tank of doctors and patients. As Obama used his campaign with a Reform platform, I find change is too slow and awareness is turned to ignorance.
    Let me be the change, I pray, in peace.