Friday, July 8, 2011

Red, white and "shoot!"

I think I mentioned in a previous post that I hate the Fourth of July and that the primary reason for this - on top of the All-American-America-is-Always-Right jingo-ism - is that I have a very difficult time, being startled, with the noise from the fireworks. This year was particularly tough, with there being more illegal fireworks than I remember in a good many years. They started going off around here more than a week before the 4th and kept going until after midnight on Monday. I even heard a couple the next evening.

“Don’t they know it’s over?” I kept saying to my attendant when she came to put me to bed on the 4th.

Who were they? I wondered, figuring they were more than the usual bad boys being bad. And why were they shooting off so much? A few thoughts:

A lot of people are angry, what with all the unemployment, foreclosures, high prices, etc., and this was a good way to let off steam. Who cares if it’s illegal? The government and laws are stupid, and, Hell, it’s the 4th, and everyone’s doing it - and should!

It has been ten years since September 11, and, by God, we’re still standing and still strong - and more of a big deal should be made about it!

Then there’s the killing of Osama Bin Laden - certainly something worth celebrating with pyrotechnics, even if it’s illegal. But this presents a quandry, because it was done under President Obama, which no doubt drives some people nuts. Which leads back to pissed-off folks blowing of steam.

Or maybe there were just more bad boys out there.


  1. I absolutely agree John. I also can't help but to wonder how all of the fireworks noise would be perceived in the Middle East or North Africa or other places where we have begun imperialistic, senseless wars. Also, I can tell you from working on the 4th at the Zoo that the animals FREAK out and HATE it every "Independence Day."

  2. I do know of people who do shoot off illegal fireworks and, trust me, they just do it cause they can. Simple as that. They know police won't do anything unless someone gets hurt or there's a fire. I know of one friend who knows of a sheriff deputy who keeps a few of the confiscated ones.