Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The end of the tunnel

I am happy that I’m writing this. It means this month is over. And what a month it has been!

It started off with my birthday, August 1, falling on not only a Monday but the Monday I returned to working after more than two weeks of more or less not working. I was bummed big-time.

Because of the two and a half weeks off in July, I had to write three instead of two columns for the Claremont Courier, and I wrote a report on Pacific Yearly Meeting, an annual gathering of Quakers. This was on top of my blogging and some other work - and all in August, a month God made for laying out by the pool, if not the beach, with a trashy novel.

What’s more, I think the last week of August is one of the year’s arm-pits (the other is the week below Christmas and New Year’s). This year, it appropriately enough came with a big heat wave - but at least not a hurricane!

The other reason I’m happy is that I really like September - and not just because I’m taking off for six days on the first. For one thing, it means it won’t be too, too long before the cool weather comes, although there may I be some serious bumps along the way. Also, here in Claremont, September is really a new year, with all the college students coming back and things really picking up. But the real reason I like September is that, even if it turns out to be the hottest month as it sometimes has, with everyone back at work and at school, I’m not stuck here working while others are away on fabulous, cool vacations.

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